Changes & Advancements In Technology

Technology has changed our lives so drastically over the past couple of years. In most cases, it’s advanced our lives for the better and we’ve grown as a community and society through the creation and advancement of technology. In terms of education, people are able to access knowledge much faster and on a much grander scale. People can access all kinds of information in seconds and it’s made information much more accessible and easier to find.

techTechnology advancement has also kept our society safer. With crimes being more easily reported as well as devices being much easier to track, we are able to find criminals easier and more efficiently. In cases of natural disasters or emergencies, people can use their cell phones to help track where they are and also use it to call for help.

For societal advancement, the use of social media is obviously at the center. We can now speak to people on the opposite side of the world in seconds and be able to communicate with anyone with just a touch of a button. These access points have given us much more than social media – it’s given us a tighter community.

Of course people believe there are setbacks with the advancement of technology, but I would say the benefits outweigh the negative.